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Slytherin ABE Pikachu Doraemon

ETH Token Contract 



How to Buy

2.Connect MetaMask to the Uniswap,  or DexView and acquire some $USDT 
Uniswap or can be used.)

About the Token

2023. The Great Cryptomeme Era.
A new star was born in this era.
This star is a superstar who is active in each genre, and those stars have asked us for help this time.
The help was the same.
So I asked a friend in
Slytherin to create a world. At that time, I paid in USDT.
And we had the best team.
Now, let's set sail to win this war.


The HPOS10I smart contract has 0 tax on all buys and sells.
The total supply of USDT is
Trust in USDT.

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